Prayer Requests

Here you'll find prayer requests specific to the ministry of Refuge Media.  We appreciate your prayer above any other form of support.  If the people of God will go to Him with their burdens and needs, we believe that He will carry them and provide for His glory.  Any Christian can bring these requests before the throne of God and we thank you for remembering us before the Lord.

  • General Requests
    • God's direction in the selection and creation of scripts and projects.
    • God's provision in the form of equipment and people.
  • Specific Requests
    • God's provision of a permanent studio.
    • God's direction in sending Goodwill to Men to festivals.
    • As Goodwill to Men is screened at festivals that God would be glorified and souls saved.
    • Casting and shooting of upcoming micro movies.
    • Pre-production of Bible Buddies TV.
    • Provision of equipment, props, costumes, and sets for the micro movies and Bible Buddies TV.
    • Post-production of Luther documentary.